20 May

In Observance of Memorial Day

I’m a history buff. So when I was asked to write this piece, my first inclination was to dig into a little research. At the end of the Civil War, Americans began setting aside one day to place flowers and other decorations on the graves of fallen soldiers. (The day was originally called Decoration Day.) Not that long ago, patriotic services and military-themed parades were the center of this federal holiday. Sadly, many of the Memorial Day traditions that were deeply respected by our grandparents and great-grandparents are quickly fading. […]

Making Leaders of Millennials

Recent collaborative research from DDI and The Conference Board shows fast-growth companies with significantly higher proportions of millennials in leadership positions than slow-growth companies. While a knee-jerk reaction to such a revelation might be to start investing heavily in leadership training & development, we think there is a more effective, cost efficient and lower-risk way to go about making leaders of millennials. […]

Millennials: The Generation that Changes Everything

Popular media – and more than a few older workers - love to emphasize the negatives about millennials in the workplace. But what happens when you take each so-called negative, flip it on its head and consider the corresponding positives? You get a workplace that is highly collaborative, fast moving, amendable to technology adoption and to the kinds of change needed to drive real process and performance improvement. […]

Veteran Employment: People Problem-People Solution

Quick-fix web job boards and tech solutions for translating military skills won’t solve the big unemployment and underemployment problems for young U.S. military veterans. We need visionary corporate leaders who understand the business case for hiring veterans and have the moral courage and foresight to adopt atypical hiring ideas, designate specific roles to be filled by veteran talent, and invest in sensitivity training needed to bridge communications and cultural gaps with former military personnel. […]

Evidence of Talent Shortage Stacks Up

Business leaders worldwide sense acceleration in economic momentum, according to the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey 2014 from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In months ahead, CEOs will focus increasingly on generating sustainable future growth – and fending off disruption – with consumer-centric, technology-powered innovation. “All bets are on technology,” PwC declares. To win those bets, CEOs first need to win the war for talent, which may require a few unconventional tactics. […]

There is a Tsunami of Talent Trouble Brewing: Are You Ready?

Baby Boomers have been delaying retirement, and that’s giving U.S. corporations an opportunity to stick their heads in the sand, avoid greater recruiting, hiring and training of Millennials and ignore the big talent storm brewing on the horizon. But, time marches on and population stats don’t lie. Workforce participation has been sliding since around 1997 and is expected to lag the pace of job creation for at least the coming decade. Learn more about what population forecasts show and what you should be doing now to prepare. […]

Business Social Media Networks Escalate War for Talent

LinkedIn and similar business networks have made it easier than ever before for headhunters and recruiters to identify and poach your top talent – and easier and more acceptable for your top talent to signal their receptiveness to being courted by other companies. But, as with many technology tools, competitive advantage accrues primarily to early adopters. Now that everyone is jumping on the LinkedIn bandwagon, talent strategists need to be thinking more expansively about how they might use network Big Data to inform planning and decision-making in the longer-term war for talent. […]

10 Tips for Helping U.S. Military Talent Transition to Corporate Roles

You want to fill talent gaps with qualified U.S. military veterans, but the applications just never seem to arrive, job fairs yield few qualified candidates, and interviews go much differently than expected. Joining our writing team this month, Nick Swaggert, Director of Genesis10’s Veteran’s Program, explains exactly what’s going wrong and what you can do to overcome specific veteran recruiting, hiring and retention challenges. Read more… […]

Quandary: Military Veterans Meet Corporate America

On the one hand, you have U.S. corporate leaders fretting about insufficient talent to fill key business roles. On the other, you have stories of recent U.S. military veterans unable to land well-paying corporate jobs - even after completing college. Nick Swaggert, Director of Genesis10’s Veteran’s Program helps us to understand why it’s happening and what everyone can do to start fixing the problem. Read more. […]

Time to Get Proactive

The U.S. is pumping out plenty of new college graduates, just not the right kinds (apparently) as business leaders continue to report major talent and skills gaps in their workforces. Code.org is responding by pushing computer programming to K through 12th graders. What else can we do to fix the problem? Please also join us in welcoming Rose Ernst, Director of G10 Associates Program from Genesis10, a talent management firm to our blog-writing team. Ernst will provide insights, research reporting and corporate success stories on how U.S. companies can become better at attracting, developing, retaining and reducing the risks (real or perceived) of nurturing more Millennials for skilled workforce positions. Read more. […]