Millennials: The Generation that Changes Everything

Let’s forget about the fact that corporations will soon be compelled to hire more millennials into their workforces and also to start preparing them for critical corporate leadership roles. Instead, let’s focus on why corporations should want to hire more millennials and make leaders of them.

Thanks to popular media hype, millennials often get a bad rap. They are entitled, overconfident, self absorbed, disloyal, distracted by their mobile devices and social media, so on and so forth. But, for every negative viewpoint on the millennial generation in corporate America, there are positive counterpoints. For example,

  • What a Baby Boomer or Gen X corporate worker might see as overconfidence, we see as rigorously educated, well traveled and worldly.
  • While a millennial worker might occasionally wish to tweet or post on Facebook during the workday, he or she is also more likely to be utilizing – even introducing – new technology to the workplace, working faster, smarter and far more productively.
  • Millennials might job hop, but it’s not because they are inherently disloyal. Rather, it’s because their corporate leadership is failing to crack the code on what motivates and earns loyalty from this particular and very different generation.

From our deep experience with recruiting and mentoring millennial talent into productive corporate careers, we believe the positives far outweigh the media-hyped negatives and that corporations who adapt their cultures for millennials first will come out the biggest winners in the escalating war for corporate talent.

We explore the positives in detail in our new eBook: Hiring Millennials: The Generation That Changes Everything, which is available through for Kindle, for NOOK and Apple iBooks for IOS devices.

Purchase and download the eBook to learn:

  • What it means for millennials to be ‘intra-preneurs.’
  • How hiring millennials can help to promote positive, desired change and technology adoption in the workplace.
  • What it will take to attract and retain top millennial talent over the coming decade.

While there is a nominal ($5.99) download fee, $5 of every purchase will be donated to Scholarship America, a nonprofit making post-secondary education possible for all students.


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