Strengthen Your Link in the Value Chain, Part 2 of 2

As more and more sensitive business and consumer data becomes digitized, aggregated, distributed, moved electronically, stored, backed up and hosted remotely, business risk exposures not only increase but also cascade to customers and suppliers up and down business value chains. There will virtually always be ways for motivated individuals to breach a company’s information security, but there is much that talent strategists can do to ensure contingent workforce is not an easy target. In Part 2 of our interview series with Raja Paranjothi, Senior Manager of Business & Technology Risk Services with Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. (MHM), we look at what it means for a talent provider to be third-party certified to various control standards and how to evaluate the relative strength of those certifications. […]

How Strong is Your Link in the Value Chain? Part 1 of 2

Technology, integration, mobile, outsourcing, distributed and remote work configurations all coalesce to a new business environment in which risk cascades easily and swiftly from one link in the business value chain to the next. Our new blog post examines how risk management and control procedures can be leveraged to strengthen your links within the value chain and offers advice on what to look for when evaluating partners' controls. […]

Five Megatrends Driving Rise in U.S. Domestic Outsourcing

The U.S. business press is full of stories about companies bringing globally outsourced work back onshore. Our latest Domestic Outsourcing blog post looks at megatrends – economic, regulatory, business operational and strategic – that are driving the big shift. […]

18 Feb

From Necessity to Choice

While many domestic delivery center professionals will describe themselves as initially reluctant recruits, they overwhelmingly describe their delivery center experiences as hugely rewarding with plenty of opportunities for professional growth, learning and collaboration among smart, talented professionals ― without all the competition, politics and travel of their former careers. […]

4 Feb

The Start of Something Great

The Great Recession of 2008-2009 created seismic upheavals in many U.S. regional economies and labor markets. U.S. outsourcing delivery center professionals tell their stories about how domestic outsourcing helped turn things around for them in depressed metros and regions such as Kansas City and Detroit. […]

Outsourcing Does Not Equal Offshoring

Outsourcing is no longer synonymous with global offshore. Strong and competitive U.S. domestic options continue to emerge and evolve. For talent strategists and risk managers, the challenge is striking the right balance of cost, risk and delivery capabilities in their global-domestic outsourcing portfolios. […]

Talent Risk Management

Corporations worldwide continue to identify talent as a critical long-term risk to growth and profitability. Now is the time to start incorporating rigorous risk management principles and tactics into a long-term strategy for talent. […]

Welcome to the Talent Paradox

U.S. corporations are already witnessing pockets of talent scarcity at the experience levels they seek and/or price points they are willing to pay. Global demographic, political and economic trends will likely make top talent even more difficult and expensive to source in the coming decade. Welcome to the talent paradox. […]